StrikeCheck Releases 2018 Annual Claims Report

Electronics Claims Analysis Provides Valuable Insights for Property Insurance Professionals
Data released in StrikeCheck’s 2018 Annual Claims Report aids carriers in identifying risk of indemnity leakage

Charlotte, North Carolina, February 27, 2018 – StrikeCheck, a leading provider of electronics damage assessments for Property and Casualty insurance carriers nationwide, announced the release of its 2018 Annual Claims Report today. The data in this report provides an opportunity for property and casualty insurance carriers to identify where they can reduce the risk of indemnity leakage.

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Distributed to Property & Casualty insurance carriers nationwide, the 2018 Annual Claims Report includes an analysis of thousands of claims assigned to StrikeCheck by the nation’s top carriers. The statistics are derived from the results of residential and commercial onsite assessments in all 50 states and across all causes of loss.

The data published in this report is presented in aggregate and segmented by equipment type, region, peril, and catastrophe claims. Beneficial topics include reported vs. actual peril, non-damaged frequency, repair vs. replace cost comparison, number of items claimed by peril and average age of equipment. Additionally, the report analyzes claims specific to two of the year’s most destructive catastrophes, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“StrikeCheck’s 2018 Annual Claims Report provides an opportunity for insurance carriers to better identify how they can better control indemnity leakage, which will be critical after last year’s record breaking catastrophe losses,” stated Reza Nikrooz, StrikeCheck’s Chief Claims Officer. “By implementing a standardized third party expert process for electronics claims, carriers can reduce the risk of indemnity leakage and improve cycle times and customer satisfaction. Additionally, these analytics may also initiate a conversation on how carriers can improve their underwriting accuracy.”

This report is available at no cost to insurance claim professionals. To request a copy, click here or email

StrikeCheck investigates electronic and specialty contents claims, exclusively on behalf of insurance carriers, nationwide. We boast the industry’s most comprehensive manufacturer relationships and experience across thousands of investigations annually, to deliver cost-effective, comprehensive solutions for complex claims. To learn more about our services or to submit an assignment, please visit, email, or contact us by phone at (888) 980-8544.

StrikeCheck 2018 Annual Claims Report

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