Adjuster Education

With a typical American home containing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics and appliances, a residential insurance claim can easily become technically complex. StrikeCheck’s adjuster education database pulls together claim specific resources in order to assist adjusters in reviewing and assessing the wide variety of electronic items that can be found on the average property claim form.

2018 Annual Claims Report

StrikeCheck’s 2018 Annual Claims Report is an analysis of claims assigned to StrikeCheck last year. This report provides valuable insights for claims and underwriting professionals.

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Electrical Panel Guide

Claims involving damage to electrical panels can be frustrating to handle for any adjuster. This guide outlines the basics of electrical panels and what to look for when handling this type of claim.


Adjuster Education: Electrical Panels

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TV LKQ Checklist

Remembering every feature to look for when writing an LKQ replacement for your insured’s TV can be difficult, but our checklist makes it easy!

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Computer LKQ Checklist

To help make settling claims involving personal computers easier, we’ve put together a checklist of all the variables you need to consider when writing an LKQ replacement estimate.

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Water Heater Guide 

Water heaters are very commonly claimed items, because every house has one. This claim guide explains how they work, key components that fail, typical causes of loss, and statistics on costs and repairability.

Adjuster Education: Water Heaters

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Washer and Dryer Claim Overview

Claims for washers and dryers can cause significant property damage and can be difficult to adjust. This overview can help!

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Surge & Lightning Damage to Electronics

With every new advance in technology, electronics become increasingly ingrained in our lives and homes. As the number (and cost) of electronics per home increases, so does the cost of residential lightning claims. This guide will help you decide when to do a little more digging before settling your next electronics claim.

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How Standby Generators Work

This overview explains how generators work, what types of loss typically damage generators, and what repair options are available.

How Generators Work

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Solar Energy Systems Overview

Solar energy systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to decrease monthly electricity costs and protect the environment. They are, however, very expensive and complicated systems. This overview will help you handle any solar electricity system claims that come your way by explaining the major components, types of damage, how they work, and average costs.

Solar Energy Systems

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How Well Pumps Work

Over 15 million homes in the US rely use private wells for water. Our guide to how they work explains how a typical well water system works, what types of loss they are susceptible to, and what components are likely to fail.

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Refrigerator Claim Guide

Claims that include a damaged refrigerator occur frequently and can lead to a headache for any adjuster. This guide can help  you settle these claims quickly and accurately.

Refrigerator Damage Claim Guide

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Pool Equipment Claim Overview

With over 10 million residential pools in the United States and much of the equipment often situation outside of the home, you’re bound to have claims for pool equipment come across your desk. Make sure you’re ready by reviewing our claim overview that includes primary components, how they work and why they fail, average costs, and reported vs. actual cause of loss statistics.

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Alarm System Guide

Alarm systems come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your insured has individual components that they installed or had a top of the line system professionally installed, they will definitely show up in a claim, especially for whole home surge or lightning damage. This guide outlines the possible components of an alarm system, explains the different types, and provides statistics on causes of loss and average costs.

Residential Alarm Systems Overview

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Hot Tub Freeze Damage Overview

Claims for freeze damage to hot tubs are very common in the winter months. Our claim guide outlines how to prevent freeze damage in hot tubs, how freeze damage can occur, and options for returning your insured to pre-loss condition.

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Labeled Water Heater Diagram

Use our labeled water heater diagram whenever you’re handling a claim involving a hot water heater to make your job easier.

Labeled Water Heater Diagram

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Labeled Generator Diagram

Keep our labeled generator diagram handy whenever you’re handling a claim for damage to a generator.

Labeled Generator Diagram

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Well Pump Diagram

Well pumps can be incredibly complicated. Make sure to have our labeled diagram handy whenever you’re working on a claim involving them to make yourself an expert!

Labeled Well Pump Diagram

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