Alarm System Overview

Residential Alarm Systems

With the number of homes and businesses with security systems rising, insurance adjusters like you are more likely to see claims for these electrical systems. If you’re not a security system technician, you might not be 100% in the know when these claims come to you. 

Thankfully, at StrikeCheck, we have security system experts who can help. We have compiled some of our industry expertise to create an easy-to-read guide to the types and components of typical residential alarm systems designed for insurance adjusters. With it, you’ll learn about the components of a home security system, the most likely ones that will fail, repair vs. replace statistics, common causes of loss, and average costs of repair vs. replace. 

Get this crucial information and be more confident in your security system claim assessments by filling out the form provided. It takes just a moment, and you’ll be glad to have this useful resource on hand.

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