Electrical Service Panels

A key component of any electrical system in a home or business is the electrical service panel. These panels redirect electricity from the grid (through the meter) into the various appliances, outlets, and devices on the property that need electrical power. Damage to an electrical panel can result in total loss of power, and that can mean that a complex or urgent (or both!) claim lands on your desk. As an insurance adjuster, it’s important that you know enough about electrical service panels so that you can handle these claims accurately and effectively.

At StrikeCheck, we’re all about making sure our clients are well-informed insurance adjusters confident in their claims decisions. To that end, our electrical experts have put together a guide to electrical service panels. In it, we explain:

  • The role of the electrical service panel in providing electricity to a home;
  • How electrical service panels work;
  • The components that comprise a typical electrical panel, including the types of breakers you might see;
  • The differences between circuit breakers and fuse panels; and 
  • Useful statistics about residential electrical panel claims.

Prepare yourself for electrical service panel claims by knowing more of what to expect when they come to you. Fill out the form provided to access your Electrical Service Panels Guide.

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