Electrical Systems Claims Kit for Insurance Adjusters

Evaluating claims for electrical systems can be incredibly complex, especially if you aren’t an electrician or an electrical engineer. As an insurance adjuster, you still want to handle these claims accurately and quickly, but that’s not always easy. At StrikeCheck, we get it, so we did the heavy lifting and put together a kit for insurance adjusters to make that job a bit easier.

In our Electrical Systems Claims Kit, we’ve compiled a webinar, video, and multiple guides that will teach you: 

  • How several electrical systems function, including solar power panels, electrical panels, and more;
  • The equipment owned by the utility company vs. the insured;
  • The parts involved in several different electrical systems;
  • How these systems can become damaged;
  • Problems that can occur with wiring; and
  • What can be done to troubleshoot and repair certain electrical systems.

Be prepared for a wide variety of electrical systems claims so you can handle them with confidence. Fill out the form now to get the StrikeCheck Electrical Systems Claim Kit for Insurance Adjusters.

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