Generator Overview

Many homes and businesses have standby generators (sometimes called “backup generators”) in case of a power outage. Unfortunately, there are several electrical and mechanical components susceptible to damage through surge or lack of maintenance, and the exact cause isn’t always immediately apparent. When a generator claim falls into your queue, you want to make sure that it is evaluated correctly and quickly, so you want to know as much as you can about these generators.

At StrikeCheck, we want insurance adjusters like you to have as much of this information as possible in an easy-to-understand format. That’s why our generator experts have put together an overview of standby generators in a straightforward guide. Our guide outlines what a generator does, how it works, the main perils that can lead to generator claims, and generator assessment statistics — this way, you have a handy reference for what you should expect and know should one of these claims cross your desk. 

Get your Standby Generator Overview by filling out the short form provided and be equipped with the knowledge you need to better handle these claims.

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