HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar Recording

If the weather outside is frightful — or maybe just a bit chilly — it’s time for many to flip their HVAC systems from cooling to heating, and with that comes a slew of claims related to different heating systems. When these claims hit your to-do list, you want to be confident in your evaluations and settlements, which means you need to know at least the basics of how these systems work.

Rather than burying yourself in books and schematics, spending hours you don’t have trying to learn as much as you can, take a look at HVACi’s HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar. In this recorded webinar, we take a look at:

  • How different heating systems work (i.e. boilers, heat pumps, and furnaces);
  • How efficiency is measured for heating systems;
  • What types of claims you might see for each system type;
  • And more.

Our 90-minute webinar explains all of these facets of HVAC heating systems in a straightforward, concise manner specifically designed to provide insurance adjusters with the information you need to know. Plus, you can pause it so you can watch in your own time.

Don’t wait! Fill out the form to access the HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar and prepare for those winter claims to blow in.

IMPORTANT: Previously recorded webinars do not qualify for continuing education credit.

This education is brought to you by our sister company HVACi.

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