Leaking and Burst Water Heaters

Nearly 70% of water heater failures come from a slow leak or sudden burst, and while the level of damage that results varies, these failures are all potential claims that can end up on your desk. As an insurance adjuster, you need to know enough about water heaters to handle these claims accurately and quickly, and speed is key here — after all, insured with water heaters that have burst or are leaking are without hot water and may also have significant water damage to surrounding areas of their home.

At StrikeCheck, we have seen quite a few burst and leaking water heaters ourselves — in fact, water heaters made up almost half of the plumbing equipment we looked at in 2018. We know the pressure to get these claims taken care of fast. That’s why we want to help by offering the tools and resources you need to make informed settlement decisions. To that end, we’ve created a quick-reference guide to leaking and burst water heaters that describes some of the causes of damage you might see and water heater claim statistics, which can be useful information in making those calls.

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