Solar Power System Components Guide

Solar power systems are becoming more and more popular as their cost becomes more competitive with conventional energy production systems. As a result, more insured homes have these systems, increasing the chance that solar power system claims will end up in the queues of insurance adjusters like you. If you aren’t a solar power system expert, the estimate for such a claim may be a bit confusing once it lands on your desk. You want to make sure the investigation into the claim is thorough to provide an accurate settlement, and you may need an easily referenced guide to review said investigation. 

Our StrikeCheck solar power system experts understand where you’re coming from and have put together a clear reference sheet outlining the different parts of a solar panel with explanations of what each one does. With it, you’ll have an easy tool at your disposal to reference while going over estimates, and you’ll be able to see how these systems work so you can be confident in your adjustments of these claims.

Get your Solar Power System Components guide by filling out the form provided today and be more assured that you’re handling solar power claims effectively.

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