Surge and Lightning Claims Webinar Recording

Difficulty deciphering between lightning, high voltage surge, and wear and tear? You’re not alone. Lightning was the most frequently claimed cause of loss for electrical equipment assigned to StrikeCheck in 2019, but 68% of the claims had high voltage surge as the actual cause of loss. StrikeCheck’s Surge and Lightning Claims Webinar will equip you with approaches on how to tell the difference to handle these claims more accurately and reduce unnecessary claims leakage.

Among the topics to be addressed are:

  • Lightning and High Voltage Surge – Learn what each entails
  • Equipment Prone to Surge and Lightning Damage – Explore top residential and commercial appliances, electronics, electrical systems, and specialty equipment you’re likely to see in claims
  • Damage Comparison – Evaluate characteristics of surge, lightning, and wear and tear damage
  • Real-Life Claim Scenarios – Compare how you would have handled the claim

You can watch our Surge and Lightning Claims Webinar Recording by filling out the form provided today.

Important: Pre-recorded webinars do not qualify for CE credit.

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