Tankless Water Heater Diagram

Tankless water heaters are slowly becoming more common (Consumer Reports), and for good reason — those who go tankless can save money on their utility bills since these water heaters don’t have the standby energy losses of their storage tank counterparts. Of course, with their rising popularity can come more claims, and you want to be ready for them. 

If you’re not a water heater expert or if you haven’t come across tankless water heaters very often, having a schematic on hand can be very useful when you need to evaluate estimates and determine coverage. That’s why our StrikeCheck experts have put together a labeled diagram that shows where each component of a tankless water heater can be found as an easy reference for insurance adjusters like yourself. 

Access our Tankless Water Heater Diagram by filling out the short form provided and see the basic layout of these water heaters for yourself.

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