Washer and Dryer Overview

When you deal with homeowners insurance claims, you’re pretty likely to handle claims that include washer and dryer damage. In fact, washers and dryers made up 36% of the large appliances we evaluated at StrikeCheck in 2018 (StrikeCheck 2019 Annual Claims Report). When you’re addressing these claims, you want to make sure your decisions are informed, accurate, and timely, but if you’re not an expert on these machines, that can be a little challenging. 

That’s why we’ve put together an overview of washers and dryers designed specifically to be a quick reference for insurance adjusters. In it, we have included:

  • Labeled schematics;
  • Common types of washers and dryers;
  • Components that are likely to fail;
  • Risks associated with lack of maintenance; and 
  • Claim statistics regarding cost and causes of loss.

With this guide, you’ll be more prepared to handle these claims as you’ll know what to expect and be ready to evaluate estimates accurately so you’re sure you’re making the right call. 

Get your copy of our Washers and Dryers Overview by filling the short form provided today.

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