Well Pump Schematic

Submersible Well Pump Diagram

Of all the plumbing-related claims we saw here at StrikeCheck in 2018, 41% were well pump claims (StrikeCheck 2019 Annual Claims Report). As an insurance adjuster, these claims can hit your to-do list at any point, and when they do, you’ll need to have the basics of well pump design. This way, if a contractor sends you an estimate, you know what they’re talking about and what parts are in question so you can be confident in your conclusions. 

To that end, our StrikeCheck well pump experts have created a simple schematic showing the components that make up well pumps. We want to give you the tools to feel assured that your evaluations of well pump claims are thorough and accurate. With our easy-to-read, straightforward diagram, you’ll be prepared to understand what’s happening in estimates and assessments.

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