Pools and Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Freeze Damage

With millions of residential hot tubs and spas in the U.S. -- and more than half of them in the northern states -- there’s a good chance you’ll end up…

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Pool Equipment Overview

There are more than 8 million residential swimming pools in the U.S. (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals), and the systems used to clean and maintain a pool are quite…

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Pool Claim Case Study

StrikeCheck provides insurance carriers comprehensive inspections and actionable reports in a short cycle time to help them settle claims quickly and accurately. This case study involving a claim about a…

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Pool and Hot Tub Equipment Claims Recorded Webinar

It’s almost pool season, and with it comes a wave of new claims related to swimming pools and hot tubs. And while you likely know how to enjoy these items,…

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The Effects of New Pool Pump Regulations on Claims Guide

Ignore the misinformation and clear up confusion surrounding the U.S. Department of Energy’s Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps efficiency standards that went into effect July 19, 2021, with this one-page guide. Fill…

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New energy-efficient standard affects pool pumps, but not policyholders…yet

The following article on “New energy-efficient standard affects pool pumps, but not policyholders...yet,” written by Jay Dykstra of HVACi and StrikeCheck, was originally published on Property Casualty 360. A new U.S. Department of…

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Scary Story: Peril Unknown

Pools and hot tubs have multiple pieces of complex equipment to keep them functioning properly at the preferred temperatures. Because of this, it may be difficult for the adjuster or…

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Pool and Hot Tub Claim Damage Guide

Regardless of their location, many of your policyholders use their swimming pools and hot tubs for several months of the year. However, damage can occur year-round and be included in…

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Previously Recorded Webinars

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