Donan’s Wind Damage to Asphalt Shingles Webinar

March 8, 2023, at 2 PM ET Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the United States, covering four out of five homes. Understanding what makes these shingles so prevalent and their vulnerabilities to wind damage can help you address wind and roofing claims from policyholders. Technical Education Manager Jay Dykstra explains this and more and presents wind case studies in the Wind Damage to Asphalt Shingles Webinar. From this webinar, you’ll learn about: • The basic characteristics of asphalt shingles •...

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Well Pump Claim Fundamentals Webinar

Feb. 8, 2023, at 2 PM ET Many of the well pumps StrikeCheck investigates are found to be nondamaged or can be repaired rather than replaced. Learning the basics of how well pumps work and the components most often reported in claims can help you find the best solution when they come across your desk. Jay Dykstra, StrikeCheck and HVACi Technical Education Manager, presents this and more in the webinar Well Pump Claim Fundamentals. From this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Significance of well...

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What to Look for in Winter Electrical Fires Webinar Recording

Important: Pre-recorded webinars do not qualify for CE credit. Some fires occur more often in winter than in any other season, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Learn more about winter electrical fire losses that may appear in claims during StrikeCheck’s What to Look for in Winter Electrical Fires webinar. Technical Education Manager Jay Dykstra will discuss a variety of potential reasons for electrical fires, from holiday decorations to overloaded outlets. You’ll gain more in-depth knowledge about:

  • Leading causes of winter electrical...

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Decoding HVAC Claims – Actual vs. Reported Cause of Loss Webinar Recording

Important: Pre-recorded webinars do not qualify for CE credit. HVAC systems have complicated components that are susceptible to damages from many perils. A policyholder who isn’t familiar with this equipment may mistake the actual cause of a loss for another when filing a claim. The policyholder may confuse damage resulting from typically non-covered perils like wear and tear for something else, like smoke and fire or wind damage. Adjusters risk unnecessary settlements by not confirming cause of loss for each item...

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What Makes Pool and Hot Tub Claims Different? Webinar Recording

As the weather heats up, customers are using their pools to cool down. Malfunctioning pool and hot tub components could lead to costly claims, particularly if you aren’t as familiar with the types policyholders may have or what repairs could return them to pre-loss condition. You can learn more about these claims in StrikeCheck’s webinar, What Makes Pool and Hot Tub Claims Different? Technical Education Manager Jay Dykstra will cover:

  • Pool and hot tub equipment claims significance
  • Types...

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How to Handle Lightning and Surge Claims Without Guesswork Webinar Recording

Lightning is one of the most frequently reported causes of loss listed on HVAC and electronics claims – policyholders reported it for almost 20% of HVAC systems and nearly 40% of electronics in claims that StrikeCheck and HVACi handled last year. Advancement in testing tools and verification reports have made it easier for adjusters to confirm or exclude these perils before settling a claim unnecessarily. Topics include:

  • Lightning and surge claims significance
  • Lightning and surge fundamentals
  • Residential systems susceptible to lightning...

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Exploring Solar Power System Claims Webinar Recording

Solar power continues to gain popularity as an alternative energy source that reduces environmental impacts. This complex equipment is at risk for a variety of perils, particularly because it’s located outside. Understand how solar power systems work and be more prepared to settle these claims through the Exploring Solar Power System Claims Webinar. Among the topics Technical Education Manager Jay Dykstra will cover are:

  • The Significance of Solar Power Claims
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Fundamentals
  • Frequent Damages to Solar Power Systems
  • Real-Life...

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Adjusters’ Crash Course on Water Heaters Webinar Recording

Avoid getting in hot water over a mishandled water heater claim, and don’t underestimate the importance of knowing the fundamentals of this complex equipment. To start, water heaters have specific codes and regulations that policyholders must follow. They also come in a variety of types and use various heating sources. These characteristics can impact which peril is more likely to damage certain water heaters. It’s critical adjusters understand why they make a difference before settling their next water heater-related claim. We’ll...

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Investigating Residential Electrical System Claims Webinar Recording

Electrical systems have complex components that sustain damage from various perils, which makes it more difficult to quickly and fairly settle claims that include them. StrikeCheck is offering a new adjuster training webinar that is eligible for CE credit to make handling these claims a little easier. The Investigating Residential Electrical System Claims webinar gives adjusters a foundation of how these systems work and may impact claims, including:

  • The importance of electrical system claims to insurance professionals
  • The basics of how...

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Investigating Storm-Related Electrical Claims Webinar Recording

When storms hit anywhere in the United States, claims with damages caused by surge and lightning, wind, ice, hail, or water soon follow. Better understand which electronics and other specialty items may be affected by storms and know how they’re damaged to ensure you’re only settling for a covered peril. In this webinar we’ll review:

  • The significance of storm claims involving electrical equipment and systems, including consumer electronics, household appliances, pools, electrical systems, well pumps, and solar power systems
  • Common commercial...

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Commercial Electrical Equipment Losses for Adjusters Webinar Recording

Any adjuster who handles claims with electrical and specialty equipment will gain better insight into a variety of commercial electronics and their insurance impacts with StrikeCheck’s Commercial Electrical Equipment Losses Webinar. We’ll break down a few frequently damaged commercial items – including electrical systems, solar power components, point of sale systems, commercial signage, and security equipment – and explain what may make settling claims with these different. Plus, we’ll review common causes of loss through a few real-life claim scenarios. Through this...

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Adjusting Well Pump Claims Webinar Recording

Nearly 45 million people, about 15 percent of the U.S. population, rely on private wells for their source of drinking water, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. And they are all responsible for their own well system maintenance. It’s important adjusters know the different types of well pumps and are familiar with their common causes of loss to better settle claims. StrikeCheck’s Adjusting Well Pump Claims Webinar will review each kind and explain testing methods and...

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Surge and Lightning Claims Webinar Recording

Difficulty deciphering between lightning, high voltage surge, and wear and tear? You’re not alone. Lightning was the most frequently claimed cause of loss for electrical equipment assigned to StrikeCheck in 2019, but 68% of the claims had high voltage surge as the actual cause of loss. StrikeCheck’s Surge and Lightning Claims Webinar will equip you with approaches on how to tell the difference to handle these claims more accurately and reduce unnecessary claims leakage. Among the topics to be addressed are:


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Pool and Hot Tub Equipment Claims Webinar Recording

It’s almost pool season, and with it comes a wave of new claims related to swimming pools and hot tubs. And while you likely know how to enjoy these items, it’s important to take the time to also understand their components and what could go wrong with them to make it easier to handle related claims. In this webinar, you’ll receive in-depth knowledge about pool and hot tub equipment. You’ll learn about causes of loss to expect, including lightning and surge;...

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HVAC Codes and Regulations Webinar Recording

Dealing with building codes and federal regulations on property claims can make an adjuster’s job even more difficult, particularly when it involves HVAC equipment. With so many different code levels, it can be tough even to know where to start your research — but understanding what you owe in order to settle the claim is crucial. In this course, we’ll teach you how to navigate the muddy waters surrounding codes, regulations, and their effects on HVAC claims, including:

  • The difference between...

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Intro to Solar Power System Claims Webinar Recording

Solar power systems have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to decreased installation costs and increased interest in green technology. With more of these systems in place, adjusters are seeing a rise in damage claims for solar energy systems. This complex equipment can be tricky for even the most seasoned adjuster. To help you handle these claims more accurately, our experts have done the heavy lifting and constructed a webinar specifically for insurance adjusters. This virtual training includes...

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HVAC Fall and Winter Claim Handling Webinar Recording

We’re coming into the cooler seasons, when the boiler, furnace, and other heating system claims start rolling in, as these complex devices can fail for a number of reasons. You’re not expected to be a heating system expert, but it helps to get as much information as you can so you can be more effective at your job. At HVACi, we’re here to help, so we’re offering a free webinar on fall and winter HVAC claims for insurance adjusters. In this...

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Hail and Wind HVAC Claims Webinar Recording

Impact damage to HVAC systems can come from a number of sources, but two very common perils are hail and wind damage. Because these damages are so prevalent, you want to be prepared to handle these claims with as much knowledge as possible. Thankfully, you don’t need to cram a textbook’s worth of information into your head in order to manage these claims effectively. We at HVACi have already done the heavy studying, and our experts have put together a webinar...

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HVAC Fundamentals Webinar Recording

There are thousands upon thousands of HVAC claims filed every year. Odds are that you, as an insurance adjuster, are going to see at least one, if not many. You don’t need to be an HVAC technician to handle these claims, but you should be informed about the basics of HVAC equipment if you want to do so effectively and quickly (which helps keep your customers happy!). HVACi conducts multiple webinars every year, and one such webinar is about HVAC Fundamentals...

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HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar Recording

If the weather outside is frightful — or maybe just a bit chilly — it’s time for many to flip their HVAC systems from cooling to heating, and with that comes a slew of claims related to different heating systems. When these claims hit your to-do list, you want to be confident in your evaluations and settlements, which means you need to know at least the basics of how these systems work. Rather than burying yourself in books and schematics, spending...

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HVAC Lightning and Surge Claims Webinar Recording

Every year, about 25 million bolts of lightning touch ground (National Severe Storms Laboratory)– or hit homes, cars, trees, or other objects — which resulted in over 77,000 claims in 2018 totaling over $900 million in damages (Insurance Information Institute). Even when lightning doesn’t directly strike an HVAC system (which it can and does), high voltage surges and spikes can still cause damage to the complex machinery. As an insurance adjuster, you’re quite likely to see such a...

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