Adjuster Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my claim?

The easiest way to check your claim’s status is to create a portal account on our website. You can track the status via the portal 24/7. You can also check the status of your claim by calling our office at 888-980-8544 and selecting option 1.

When are you going to schedule the appointment with my policyholder?

After we receive your new claim, our claims coordinating staff will contact your policyholder within two business hours of receiving your assignment. Before moving forward with the scheduling process, we will review the claimed items to determine the scope of the assessment, verify contact information, obtain the insured’s availability for the assessment(s), and collect invoices for claimed items when available.

Will one technician assess all of my policyholders damaged items?

Once we review the list of damaged items with your insured, our team will then categorize the contents to determine the technician skill sets required to assess the claim accurately. The number of technicians may vary based on the scope of the assessment. If more than one technician is required, you will receive an email notifying you that multiple appointments may be necessary to complete the assessment.

Do I contact the field technician if I want to discuss the report?

The field technician’s diagnosis of equipment is just one resource utilized when capturing the technical data required to provide our final recommendation.  The technician’s diagnosis is combined with industry best practices, real time pricing and parts availability obtained by our processing team from manufacturers and retailers, and StrikeCheck’s insurance claim experience. If you have questions regarding our report, the best person to speak with is a member of our claim processing team as they have access to all of the resources listed above.  Contacting our processing or concierge team is easy, you can either contact us by phone 888-980-8544 and select Option 1 or you can send your request by email to

Why did StrikeCheck include replacement pricing when recommending a repair?

StrikeCheck prides itself on providing the most comprehensive electronics assessment reports in the industry.  Every report, even if our recommendation is a repair, will include a Like Kind and Quality estimate for replacement.  Our carrier partners request this information in the event that a decision is made to replace a system even if a repair was recommended in our Final Report.  By having this information at their fingertips our clients do not have to incur any additional time delay in settling the claim or cost in determining the replacement price.

What is your turnaround time?

StrikeCheck is dedicated to providing the fastest cycle times possible. Our average turnaround time is 5 business days for residential claims and 10 business days for commercial claims.  This can vary due to the insured’s availability, if multiple technician skill sets are required, or if the equipment is highly specialized, but StrikeCheck works diligently to process claims as quickly and accurately as possible.

I just got an email with the appointment time and it was a lot further out than I expected, why is there a delay?

The most common reason for a delayed appointment is that the insured has limited availability for the appointment, or the insured requested a specific appointment date in the future.   For more information on the exact reason for the delay, please contact our office at 888-980-8544 and select Option 2.

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