Onsite Electronics Inspections

By utilizing StrikeCheck’s network of over 2,000 experienced technicians nationwide, you can ensure that your electronics claim settlements are fair and accurate.

Key Benefits of StrikeCheck’s Onsite Inspection Process

The Value of StrikeCheck’s Onsite Assessment

Correctly settling electronics claims when you’re miles from the loss location and without the needed technical expertise is challenging. StrikeCheck’s team of technicians will act as an extension of your own team, helping you reach accurate settlement determinations swiftly and consistently.

Comprehensive Reporting

StrikeCheck’s detailed and data-driven reporting aims to provide clear and actionable intelligence to allow you to settle your claims quickly and confidently. Our straightforward reports include concise summaries of the loss along with detailed supplement materials including pictures and investigation notes to reference for more in-depth investigation. Each item-level recommendation is laid out separately and itemized to allow for more efficient review.

Trained Repair vs. Replacement Comparison

Determining whether an electronic item can be repaired or if replacement is the only option is a process that requires years of experience and a strong technical background to be completed accurately. Our certified electronics professionals are trained to identify when components can be repaired or when a replacement will be required. If a repair is possible, we will provide you with a clear comparison of the repair cost to the Like Kind and Quality replacement cost so that you can make the most accurate settlement determination. StrikeCheck thoroughly researches parts availability before submitting any repair recommendations to ensure that every report is actionable.

How The Claims Process Works:

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