Onsite Electronics Inspections

Know your electronics claim settlements will be fair and accurate by assigning StrikeCheck, with its team of more than 2,000 experienced and vetted technicians, to conduct a comprehensive onsite electronics inspection.

Key Benefits of StrikeCheck’s Onsite Process

Equipment Assessed


The Value of StrikeCheck’s Onsite Assessment

It can be challenging to correctly settle electronics claims when adjusters are miles from the loss location and don’t have the needed technical expertise. Think of StrikeCheck’s team as an extension of your own – your partner at the loss location to support you in reaching accurate settlements quickly and consistently.

Comprehensive Reporting

Obtain clear and actionable information from StrikeCheck’s detailed and data-driven reporting that enables insurance professionals to settle claims quickly and confidently. Reports include concise loss summaries with comprehensive supplemental materials, including photographs and evaluation notes, for reference. Recommendations are itemized and laid out separately for ease of reviewing.

Repair vs. Replacement Comparison

It takes strong technical knowledge and experience to accurately determine whether an electronically powered item can be repaired or if a replacement is the most appropriate solution. Our certified professionals have the needed skills to tell the difference. If a repair is possible, StrikeCheck’s reports provide a clear comparison of the repair cost to the Like Kind and Quality replacement cost to enable adjusters to make the most accurate settlement determination. We thoroughly research parts availability prior to delivering recommendations to ensure every report is actionable.

How The Claims Process Works

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