Lightning Verification Reports

StrikeCheck’s lightning verification reports confirm or exclude lightning’s presence for claims with reported surge or lightning as cause of loss. They verify cloud-to-ground lightning flashes and strokes at properties across the United States. Featuring a standard 7-day search period and 5-mile search radius, our lightning report provides a wealth of lightning flash data for a competitive flat rate. Powered by the Alpine Intel client portal, our interactive lightning report is easy to order and to access.

Lightning Report Features

• 7-day search period included
• 5-mile search radius included
• Total number of lightning flashes and strokes
• Identification of the closest lightning flash
• Identification of the most intense lightning flash
• Interactive 5-mile map plotting the location of lightning flashes (illustrating peak intensity and polarity)
• Detailed 0.5-mile map plotting any lightning flashes within that radius
• Property level imagery (where available)
• Summary of lightning flashes and strokes grouped by the distance from the property
• Summary of lightning flashes and strokes grouped by 12-hour period
• Interactive table of all lightning flashes
• Static PDF version of data included to document claim files

What Makes Our Report Different?

• 7-day standard search period included
• Interactive maps with activity coded by polarity and intensity
• 5-mile search radius included
• Interactive data tables

How to Order

Ordering a StrikeCheck lightning report is easy with our user-friendly client portal.

  1. Log into the Alpine Intel client portal
  2. Select “Request Lightning Report” from the top menu
  3. Provide the property data for the requested lightning report
  4. An email notification will be sent when the report is available

Want to learn more?

Contact our lightning report specialists

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