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At StrikeCheck, we understand the challenges that the property insurance industry faces in correctly evaluating complex claims involving electronic equipment. Our suite of services is designed to help our clients execute thorough examinations and thoughtful analysis of all types of claims involving electronics, from water-damaged home entertainment systems to corporate data centers crippled by a power surge. Whether you need an onsite assessment to precisely gauge the cause of damage and repair options or you would like a desktop review to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for a claim, StrikeCheck is qualified to provide you with the guidance you need to resolve your claims quickly and accurately.

Residential Equipment

Whatever the cause of damage, your residential policyholders expect you to resolve their electronic equipment claims swiftly. However, the sheer complexity and range of residential electronics can make it difficult for carriers to properly determine the source and extent of the loss. At StrikeCheck, we have experience evaluating all consumer electronics and appliances, from computer equipment and televisions to well pumps and pool hardware. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to provide you with the objective information needed to settle your claims efficiently.  Click below to read more about our comprehensive residential electronics assessment services.

Residential Services

Commercial Equipment

Businesses depend on a wide range of electronics, from complex computer systems, networking equipment and data centers to security systems, audio/video hardware and database management solutions. Resolving your business clients’ claims quickly and accurately is all the more important in the face of continued downtime that can compound losses. StrikeCheck’s extensive experience and proprietary technology can empower you to resolve claims swiftly while controlling indemnity leakage and maintaining customer satisfaction. Click below to learn about the scope of our commercial electronic assessment services.

Commercial Services

Onsite Assessments

With a network of over 2,000 licensed and qualified technicians across the country, StrikeCheck stands ready to conduct a complete and thorough evaluation of any electronics claim. Our onsite assessments are designed to verify the cause of damage, determine the potential for repairs and provide an accurate valuation of the impaired equipment with a recommended course of action to settle the claim fairly for both insurer and insured.

Onsite Assessments

Desktop Reviews

Our desktop reviews are intended to provide you with precise equipment valuations for claims where you have already determined the cause of damage and verified the potential for repairs. StrikeCheck utilizes our extensive knowledge and expertise to validate costs for parts and labor, corroborate availability of parts, and ensure that all offered replacements are of like kind and quality with the covered equipment.

Desktop Reviews

Lightning Verification Reports

Our lightning reports provides adjusters with cloud-to-ground lightning flash and stroke verification for properties anywhere in the United States. The report includes a 7-day search period and 5-mile search radius. This interactive report is easy to access and offers a wealth of data for a competitive, flat rate.

Lightning Reports

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