Desktop Claim Review

Even if you have already assessed the cause of damage and have determined the necessary scope of repairs, the settlement process for electronics claims is still not complete. StrikeCheck’s desktop review process offers a cost-effective and quick way to corroborate parts and labor pricing, confirm parts availability, and verify that any proposed replacements are of Like Kind and Quality.

Key Benefits of StrikeCheck’s Desktop Review Process

The Value of StrikeCheck’s Desktop Review

No one has time to become an expert in everything. Unless you happen to have a background as an electronics technician or equipment specialist, most insurance adjusters find interpreting invoices, speaking with technical contractors and everything else that goes into settling a claim involving electronics to be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why StrikeCheck’s desktop review process is designed to provide you with the technical answers you need quickly, allowing you to save time and resources when resolving claims. Our team will analyze all of the complex data surrounding your claim to get you the answers you need quickly and for one low flat rate.

Here’s How it Works:

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