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StrikeCheck's goal is simple: we aim to provide the technical assistance that insurance carriers need to settle complex property claims involving electronic items quickly, accurately and fairly for both the carrier and the insured. Our expert team of technicians in combination with our fact-driven reporting system, can remove the guesswork involved with settling electronics claims. With industry-leading response time and a focus on customer service, StrikeCheck works to ensure that all parties to the insurance claim have a fair and equitable experience.

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Electronic Claims Assessed

Types of electronic claims that StrikeCheck assess

Residential Electrical Equipment

Residential Electrical Equipment

Residential electronics can be complex and varied, and assessing the damage can be challenging. StrikeCheck's technicians have the knowledge and expertise to correctly evaluate all types of residential electrical equipment, from home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances and pool hardware to well pumps and water heaters.

Commercial Electrical Equipment

Commercial Electrical Equipment

Resolving commercial electronic claims quickly and efficiently is critical, and StrikeCheck is experienced in analyzing damage to a wide variety of business-level electrical equipment. From office computers, networking equipment and phone systems to point of sale computers, security and fire systems and backup generators, our team of technicians can quickly and accurately assess any damage.

Services Offered

Onsite Investigations

Onsite Investigations

StrikeCheck's nationwide network includes over 2,000 licensed and qualified technicians across all electrical specialties. Our technicians are will verify and document the cause of damage and are able to provide fact-based guidance on the proper course of action to make the insured whole again with a settlement recommendation that accounts for depreciation.

Desktop Review

Desktop Review

Even if you have verified the cause of damage and the necessary scope of repairs, the settlement process is far from complete. StrikeCheck's qualified technical team can help ensure that your estimates for parts and labor are accurate, assist in verifying the availability of parts and confirm that all replacements are for Like Kind and Quality equivalents.

Customer Testimonials

"My insured was extremely pleased with the technician that came to his home to assess the damages. He felt the technician was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Thank you for your professionalism with our insureds."

Bobbie, Inside Property Adjuster, Pennsylvania

"Your staff is awesome! Professional, patient, and easy to talk to."

Giselle, Claims Adjuster, Florida

"Your reports are very professional and are always delivered quickly."

Chelsy, Property Claims Adjuster, California

"This was my first experience with StrikeCheck and I was very impressed with the quick turnaround. Thank you for rushing my high net worth claim!"

Jonathan, Property Adjuster, Missouri

"I love how fast and efficient StrikeCheck is, as well as the detail of the photos and report provided."

Ashley, Property Claims Adjuster, Illinois

Claims Resources

At StrikeCheck, our primary goal is making the settlement of claims involving electrical equipment easier for our clients. In order to make the entire process as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible, we have assembled an online library of comprehensive educational materials on electrical equipment designed specifically for claims adjusters. Our in-depth reference section includes white papers, guides, schematics and infographics aimed at providing you with easy access to all of the technical information that you need during the claim settlement process.

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