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Insurance professionals partner with StrikeCheck to ensure they settle complex property claims with electronically powered items quickly, accurately, and fairly. We provide technical assessment support through our nationwide network of expert technicians, engineering best practices, fact-driven reporting system, and industry-leading response times. Eliminate the guesswork involved with settling electronic claims while maintaining a good policyholder experience.

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Electronic Claims We Assess

Types of electronic claims that StrikeCheck assesses

Residential Electrical Equipment

Residential Electrical Equipment

Residential policyholders could file claims about a variety of complex items. StrikeCheck’s experts help you make claims decisions confidently. Our vetted technicians have the knowledge and experience to accurately evaluate residential electrical equipment, including appliances, consumer electronics, electrical and lighting components, smart technology, well pumps, and solar panels.

Commercial Electrical Equipment

Commercial Electrical Equipment

Commercial electronics claims require a quick and accurate resolution, and StrikeCheck helps fill that need by efficiently providing comprehensive damage assessments for electronically powered items at a business. These include office equipment, security systems, generators, solar panels, electrical and lighting, and more.

Services Offered

Onsite Investigations

Onsite Investigations

Losses can occur anywhere. StrikeCheck’s nationwide network includes more than 2,000 licensed and vetted technicians experienced in all electrical specialties to support onsite inspections. Obtain an accurate cause of loss and scope of damage with fact-based repair and replacement solutions to return the policyholder to pre-loss condition. The comprehensive reports also include settlement recommendations that account for market value and depreciation.

Desktop Review

Desktop Review

Some claims already have a verified cause of damage and necessary scope of repairs, but you may not have time or resources to verify parts availability or market value. StrikeCheck’s qualified technical team can substantiate equipment and labor cost estimates, ensure equipment is obtainable, and validate Like Kind and Quality equivalents when a full onsite inspection isn’t necessary.

Customer Testimonials

"My insured was extremely pleased with the technician that came to his home to assess the damages. He felt the technician was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Thank you for your professionalism with our insureds."

Bobbie, Inside Property Adjuster, Pennsylvania

"Your staff is awesome! Professional, patient, and easy to talk to."

Giselle, Claims Adjuster, Florida

"Your reports are very professional and are always delivered quickly."

Chelsy, Property Claims Adjuster, California

"This was my first experience with StrikeCheck and I was very impressed with the quick turnaround. Thank you for rushing my high net worth claim!"

Jonathan, Property Adjuster, Missouri

"I love how fast and efficient StrikeCheck is, as well as the detail of the photos and report provided."

Ashley, Property Claims Adjuster, Illinois

Claims Resources

StrikeCheck’s priority is providing insurance professionals the support they need to settle claims with electrical equipment quickly and accurately. In addition to thorough assessments and easy-to-read reports, we offer an extensive online library with applicable resource materials, articles, videos, and guides written for adjusters. Content topics vary, including electrical equipment overviews, national regulation changes, and other notable industry data and trends. You don’t have to be an expert on all the types of electronic equipment that appear in your claims. We can help.

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