StrikeCheck Locations

StrikeCheck’s goal of providing our clients with quick and accurate technical assistance for resolving insurance claims involving electronics has led us to create a robust nationwide network of technicians. With more than 2,000 technicians specializing in a wide range of electrical equipment located across the United States, StrikeCheck is proud to offer a skilled technician within 30 minutes of almost any potential loss location. This vast system of technicians ensures that we can minimize travel costs and per diem expenses passed on to our clients, helping to keep claim charges low.

Same Day Scheduling

At StrikeCheck, we understand that speed can be just as important in the claim resolution process as accuracy. Our industry-leading turnaround times allow us to ensure same day scheduling of onsite assessments, facilitating quicker claim resolutions and paving the way to greater satisfaction for your insured clients.

National Coverage

Our vast network of over 2,000 technicians provide service across the United States, ensuring that StrikeCheck can help you assesses and analyze electronics claims regardless of where they happen. Whether you are looking to settle a claim for a business in downtown Manhattan or a residence in rural Montana, our team of expert technicians is available to assist you in your onsite assessments.

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