Policyholder Frequently Asked Questions

When will my appointment take place?

Once our scheduling team has an available appointment, we will reach back out to confirm with you. We will need your verbal confirmation to schedule an appointment. If you have questions about your appointment, please call our office at 888-980-8544.

Do I need to be home for the appointment?

We require that someone over the age of 18 is present for the assessment.

Will the technician make any repairs while onsite?

Our technician will only be performing an assessment of the system – no repairs or replacements will be made.

Will the technician tell me how my claim will be settled?

No, our technician will only be gathering data for our report. We will combine that data with additional research and prepare a comprehensive report for your adjuster. Your adjuster will then review the report, along with your policy information, and he or she will be back in touch with you directly regarding settlement.

How will I know what needs to be done to my equipment?

All information regarding your equipment will come directly from your adjuster.

Do I have to pay for this inspection?

No, this assessment will be conducted on behalf of your insurance company.

Can I call the technician directly?

In accordance with our privacy agreements we cannot give out the technician’s contact information, just as we cannot provide your contact information to the technician. We will handle all coordination and communication in our office to remain objective. If you have questions or need something communicated to the technician, please contact our office at 888-980-8544.

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