7 Myths About Lightning in Claims Guide

Policyholders report lightning as a cause of loss more often than other perils. Before deciding on claims with reported lightning damages, adjusters should know the truth behind seven myths related to lightning claims.

Fill out the form to learn the truth from the myths, including:

  • How often lightning verification reports typically show lightning was present at the loss time and location
  • The most common distance from most lightning strokes to a loss location with reported lightning damage
  • Whether visible lightning goes from the sky down or the ground up
  • If lightning claims have increased or decreased in recent years

You’ll also learn terminology found on lightning verification reports, such as strokes and amps.

By knowing facts like the ones found in the 7 Myths About Lightning in Claims guide, insurance professionals can have a better understanding of why losses from direct lightning are so rare and methods to confirm or exclude lightning’s presence before evaluating the claimed equipment.

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