CCG IQ 2020 Annual Report

For years CCG IQ’s damage assessment brands, HVACi and StrikeCheck, have been publishing separate annual claims reports to equip carriers with data-driven facts and trends to help them control claim leakage and keep a superior policyholder experience. This year, all of CCG IQ’s suite of services, including claims assessments, underwriting inspections, and lightning verification, are highlighted in the CCG IQ 2020 Annual Report. This offers an enhanced overview of a broader spectrum of risks and perils that impact a carrier’s overall book of business for better decision-making.

Fill out the form to receive key insights into perils and hazards that have affected policies throughout their life cycle. The data reflects the thousands of claims, underwriting, and lightning assignments CCG IQ completed in 2020 using technology and experience to provide insurance carriers objective, knowledgeable, and timely policy solutions.

The report includes:

  • Reported vs. actual cause of loss, repair and replacement costs, and frequency of claims by item type for HVAC systems and all electrically powered items
  • Claim trends for time of year, states, and claimed amounts
  • Catastrophe claim data
  • Lightning data by month, location, and frequency
  • Average coverage amount vs. replacement amounts
  • Frequency of certain home characteristics, roof problems, and property features
  • States with the highest potential for hazards
  • Plus, a demonstration of how claims, lightning, and underwriting data can be combined for better decision-making about a specific region

Review the annual report and consider how CCG IQ can support your carrier’s efforts to increase carrier efficiency and improve claims leakage and loss ratios.

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