Electrical Wiring Claim Overview

Understanding Claims for Wiring Damage

There are a number of causes for damaged wiring, including improper installation, wear and tear, and lightning strikes, but regardless of the cause, it can potentially cause a fire if left unchecked. If a customer is claiming damaged wiring, the inspection must be done carefully and thoroughly, as the goal is to restore their wiring not only for the sake of efficiency but also for safety.

As an insurance adjuster, you want to know what to look for and what is needed to handle damaged wiring claims effectively. At StrikeCheck, our electrical experts have compiled an easy-to-read guide to damaged wiring designed for insurance adjusters like yourself. With it, you’ll be able to learn the methods for testing damaged wiring and what methods of wiring are outdated so you can make a settlement determination that fits the needs of the customer and their coverage. 

Be prepared for damaged wiring claims by accessing your quick reference guide to Understanding Claims for Wiring Damage by filling out the form provided.

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