Hot Tub Freeze Damage

With millions of residential hot tubs and spas in the U.S. — and more than half of them in the northern states — there’s a good chance you’ll end up handling a hot tub claim. Many people living up north, who face temperatures well below freezing for most of the winter, tend to use their hot tubs and spas during the colder months. Since they don’t winterize their systems, it increases the likelihood that there will be damage due to freezing as their systems don’t always run hot enough to ward off the cold 24/7. 

We’ve seen plenty of these claims at StrikeCheck, and we know that a lot is going on with them. That’s why we want to make your job as an insurance adjuster a little bit easier. To that end, we’ve created a handy guide to hot tub freeze damage that outlines how to prevent it, what can happen, and statistics for these cases. This way, you have the information you need to make a faster, more accurate decision on hot tub claim settlements caused by freeze damage. 

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