HVAC Lightning and Surge Claims Webinar Recording

Every year, about 25 million bolts of lightning touch ground (National Severe Storms Laboratory)– or hit homes, cars, trees, or other objects — which resulted in over 77,000 claims in 2018 totaling over $900 million in damages (Insurance Information Institute). Even when lightning doesn’t directly strike an HVAC system (which it can and does), high voltage surges and spikes can still cause damage to the complex machinery. As an insurance adjuster, you’re quite likely to see such a claim, and you want to be equipped with the knowledge to effectively handle these claims.

HVACi sees thousands or more of these claims every year, so we know what to look for, and we want to share our knowledge with insurance adjusters like you. That’s why we have created a webinar geared towards lightning and surge HVAC claims from which you can learn:

  • The difference between lightning damage and high voltage surge damage;
  • How these types of damage can affect HVAC systems and susceptible components; and
  • What evidence you’ll see indicated lightning strike, surge, or even wear and tear.

Our easy-to-follow, 90-minute Lightning and Surge Claims Webinar recording is waiting for you! Access it now by filling out the form provided.

IMPORTANT: Previously recorded webinars do not qualify for continuing education credit.

This education is brought to you by our sister company HVACi.

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