Lightning Report Case Study

Property and Casualty Insurance carriers continue to seek processes that make handling claims more efficient, consistent, and accurate, which will decrease the likelihood of claims leakage. One method is by incorporating an automated system into your procedures that eliminates the guesswork and potential for human error for all claims that have a listed peril of lightning, surge, or unknown.

Read how a super-regional Property and Casualty Insurance carrier made StrikeCheck part of its process by establishing an automatic system that assigns StrikeCheck to check for lightning in the area at the time of loss after the claim has been verified for a policy in force. Depending on the lightning verification findings and if the claim includes electronics or specialty items, StrikeCheck either sends it to team members to complete a desktop review or an onsite inspection report – all while adjusters remain hands-off. In this case study, you will see how this partnership facilitated the insurance carrier’s goal for consistent, efficient, accurate, and prompt service.

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