Sump Pump Overview

Many houses, particularly those built within the last 30 years, have sump pumps to prevent moisture from building up beneath the home. When these sump pumps fail, massive water damage can be the result, meaning that insurance adjusters like you will have to handle those claims. It’s critical that you have the knowledge you need to handle these claims quickly and effectively, and that means being able to understand estimates, know what parts make up a sump pump, and know the likely causes of failure.

As an insurance adjuster, you may not be a sump pump expert, but the technicians here at StrikeCheck have made sure you don’t have to be. We’ve created a straightforward guide to sump pumps for insurance adjusters that includes a list of components, a helpful diagram, explanations of the types of sump pumps and causes of failure, and statistics regarding costs and perils surrounding sump pump failure.

Get the knowledge you need to be more confident in your adjustment of sump pump claims. Fill out the form provided to receive your copy of our Sump Pump Overview.

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