TV LKQ Checklist

More than half of all entertainment electronics claims that StrikeCheck evaluated in 2018 were for televisions (StrikeCheck 2019 Annual Claims Report). When coverage is found for a claimed television, you’ll want to make sure that you’re replacing a customer’s television with Like Kind and Quality. With the ever-evolving nature of television technology, that’s not always easy to do. 

At StrikeCheck we know where you’re coming from, and we want to give insurance adjusters the tools they need to settle claims effectively and quickly. That’s why we’ve put together a TV LKQ Checklist to make it easier for you to take all factors into account when making these decisions, including resolution, extras, and brand considerations. 

Be confident that you’re providing Like Kind and Quality for your customers. Fill out the form provided today to get our easy-to-use TV LKQ Checklist.

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