Well Pump Overview

Submersible Well Pumps

As an insurance adjuster, you’re may see claims for damaged well pumps, particularly submersible well pumps. These well pumps push water from below the ground into a home using several complex components, and there are plenty of ways that these can fail. When they do, you’ll need to be prepared for the claims that will come to your desk.

At StrikeCheck, we see well pump claims pretty frequently (they make up a whopping 41% of our plumbing equipment claims, as you can see in our StrikeCheck 2019 Annual Claims Report), and we want to make sure that our clients can handle these claims quickly and accurately. Therefore, we created a convenient reference sheet outlining how submersible well pumps work, primary components that are likely to fail, and common causes of failure. With this guide on hand, you’ll know more about what’s happening with these well pumps and how best to restore your customers to pre-loss condition. 

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