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Exploring Solar Power System Claims Webinar

February 2, 2022, at 2 PM ET Solar power continues to gain popularity as an alternative energy source that reduces environmental impacts. This complex equipment is at risk for a…

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Shedding Light on Risks Involving Solar Power

The following article on "Shedding light on risks involving solar power," written by Jay Dykstra of HVACi and StrikeCheck, was originally published on Property Casualty 360. Solar panels comprise multiple photovoltaic cells,…

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StrikeCheck Solar Panel Claim Case Study

Thieves and vandals caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages to a rooftop commercial solar system. While a claim with more than 800 solar panels could seem daunting, StrikeCheck…

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Causes of Loss in Solar Power Equipment Claims Guide

Solar power systems, including inverters, panels, controllers, and chargers, are frequently included in insurance claims for damages – particularly after a reported lightning strike. However, direct lightning is one of…

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Solar Power System Components Guide

Solar power systems are becoming more and more popular as their cost becomes more competitive with conventional energy production systems. As a result, more insured homes have these systems, increasing…

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Solar Power System Claim Case Study

Solar power equipment is one of the electrically powered items that has a high risk of claims leakage. Not only does it not always need replacement, it isn’t always damaged…

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Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy is a booming industry in the United States. According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the solar energy industry has grown more than 60% annually since 2006, in part…

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Solar Panel Overview

How They Work: Residential Solar Electricity Systems The cost of residential solar panel systems has dropped 50% since 2014 (according to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy), and…

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Solar Power Overview Video

An Introduction to Solar Power Systems Solar power systems are incredibly complex, and if you’re processing a solar power system or panel repair claim, you want to be sure that…

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Solar Power Claims Kit for Adjusters

Solar energy is becoming more popular each year and as a result, claims involving solar power system components have been landing on the desks of adjusters everywhere. With over 2…

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Intro to Solar Power System Claims Webinar Recording

Solar power systems have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to decreased installation costs and increased interest in green technology. With more of these systems in place,…

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Solar Power Claim Case Study

StrikeCheck is a leading damage assessment provider for electrical systems, including solar power equipment, throughout the country. With thorough investigations, swift cycle times, and actionable reports, we give insurance carriers…

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