Water Claims

Water Damage to Electrically Powered Items

Water damage can occur year round from a variety sources, and is therefore one of the most frequently claimed property insurance perils. Regardless of the source, 1 in 50 homes…

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Water Damage to Electronics

14,000 homeowners face losses from water damage every day. At that rate, an insurance adjuster is likely to find themselves handling a water damage claim. If you’re one such adjuster,…

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Scary Story: Poking Holes in a Liability Claim

Adjusters represent the policyholder – whether it’s the homeowner who had an electronic sustain damage or the company being held liable for it. The latter was the case for this…

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What to Know About Water Damage to Electronics Guide

Electronics mixed with water go about as well as oil and water – they rarely work together. It’s important to assess the scope of the damage to figure out the…

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Water Softeners: Function and the Significance of Failure in Claims

More than 85% of the United States has hard water, according to a United States Geological Survey (USGS) study. Over time, the minerals in hard water can build up in…

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Wind and Water: A Double Threat in Hurricane Damages Webinar Recording

Wind and Water: A Double Threat in Hurricane Damages webinar has already occurred. You can watch the recording here. After hurricane events, adjusters often have to distinguish between wind damage and…

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Your Guide to Water Softeners

Many homeowners rely on water softeners not only because hard water makes cleaning clothes and dishes more difficult but also because mineral buildup can damage plumbing and other appliances. That’s…

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