Water Claims

Well Pump Schematic

Submersible Well Pump Diagram Of all the plumbing-related claims we saw here at StrikeCheck in 2018, 41% were well pump claims (StrikeCheck 2019 Annual Claims Report). As an insurance adjuster,…

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Water Damage to Electrically Powered Items

Water damage can occur year round from a variety sources, and is therefore one of the most frequently claimed property insurance perils. Regardless of the source, 1 in 50 homes…

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Sump Pump Overview

Many houses, particularly those built within the last 30 years, have sump pumps to prevent moisture from building up beneath the home. When these sump pumps fail, massive water damage…

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Water Damage to Electronics

14,000 homeowners face losses from water damage every day. At that rate, an insurance adjuster is likely to find themselves handling a water damage claim. If you’re one such adjuster,…

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Well Pump Testing Guide

How to Efficiently Handle Well Pump Claims When your customers have well pumps that get damaged, those claims need to be handled fast -- after all, you don’t want to…

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