A washer claim seems easy; however, StrikeCheck’s average repair and replacement costs show settlements can range from $288-794. That’s $500 in potential claims leakage. Take a claim with 6 computers and 2 printers. Suddenly that low-end estimate is $2,661 compared to a high-end settlement estimate of $7,613 – risking $5,000 in claims leakage.

Our claim calculator below illustrates how different those settlements can be, if coverage is afforded. Simply slide the green circles to reflect the number of each claimed item and scroll down for the claim settlement estimates that are based on average repair and replacement costs. These figures are for informational purposes only and are not to be used for actual claim settlements.

The only way to reduce potential claims leakage is through accurate assessments that result in repair and replacement recommendations based on equipment testing results and market value pricing. Contact StrikeCheck professionals to guarantee you are settling claims as accurately as possible.

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