High Voltage Surge Guide

When a high voltage surge occurs, it can lead to the failure of just about any electrical device or system plugged into the affected area, including appliances and entertainment systems, or even the wiring itself! If this happens, you could find a claim in your queue that you need to address. You don’t want to go into these claims blind or struggle with terminology. You want to be informed and able to handle these claims as effectively and quickly as possible. 

At StrikeCheck, we believe in empowering insurance adjusters with the tools and information they need to get the job done right, which is why our electrical experts have put together a convenient guide to high voltage surge claims for adjusters. This guide describes the basics of what a high voltage surge is and how it happens along with the effects it has on electronics in and around the area. 

Take advantage of our knowledge and learn more about high voltage surges by filling out the form provided.

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