Water Damage to Electronics

14,000 homeowners face losses from water damage every day. At that rate, an insurance adjuster is likely to find themselves handling a water damage claim. If you’re one such adjuster, you’ll want to know:

  • How often water damage is correctly (or incorrectly!) claimed as the cause of loss;
  • What to look for when assessing water damage to electronics;
  • Percentages of electronic types that are damaged by water;
  • Expectations regarding repair or replacement of water-damaged electronics; and
  • What types of water damage you may come across.

At StrikeCheck, we want our clients to be well-informed, so we’ve created a handy guide specifically for insurance adjusters outlining key facts to know when assessing water-damaged electronics. 

Be prepared for water damage claims! Access your guide to Water Damage to Electronics by filling out the short form provided.

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