Well Pump Testing Guide

Well pumps are essential in homes with well water systems and claims involving this type equipment are both urgent and costly. To settle a well pump claim, it may be necessary to pull the pump in order to diagnose the problem, which can be an expensive process. Fortunately the cause of loss and scope of repairs can often be determined through above-ground testing. To avoid an unnecessary expense, adjusters should consider the following questions before pulling a well pump.

Last year 41% of plumbing equipment claims involved well pumps and with millions of homeowners relying on a private well system for their water supply, a well pump claim can cross your desk at any time of the year! Since a functioning well pump is one of the most fundamental systems in the home, these types of claims are particularly urgent and essential to handle with care. To assist with handling any well pump claim that heads your way, we have created a guide that highlights common symptoms of well pump damage and testing options that should be explored before making a potentially costly decision to pull the pump. You can get your free copy by filling out the form below.

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