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StrikeCheck Client Case Study

You may have experienced or at least seen what StrikeCheck can do on an individual claim level (if not, check out the Lightning Claim Case Study). One claim assessment has…

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CCG IQ 2020 Annual Report

For years CCG IQ’s damage assessment brands, HVACi and StrikeCheck, have been publishing separate annual claims reports to equip carriers with data-driven facts and trends to help them control claim…

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Smart Home Devices and Insurance – How Loss Prevention and Risk Analysis Come Together

From Amazon’s Echo to Samsung’s smart refrigerators, smart home components are everywhere, and these technological marvels are allowing consumers to gain more control than ever over their home environment. Some industry…

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Smart Home Components Overview

Our Connected World: An Overview of Smart Home Components and Claims Our world is becoming more and more connected. Smart devices are becoming more common in the home, and we’re…

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HVACi Releases 2020 Annual Claims Report

Carriers Have Opportunity to Uncover Hidden Risks and Potential Claims Leakage to Better Understand Their Business HVACi’s 2020 Annual Claims Report provides carriers with data on thousands of actual claims…

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StrikeCheck Releases 2020 Annual Claims Report

Data on 2019 Claim Trends Gives Carriers an Opportunity to Better Understand Risk and Exposure StrikeCheck’s 2020 Annual Claims Report offers valuable insights on claim trends CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, February…

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StrikeCheck’s 2020 Annual Claims Report

StrikeCheck’s 2020 Annual Claims Report provides carriers with powerful insights and a thorough analysis into how Property & Casualty claim professionals can make data-driven decisions regarding electrically powered equipment. The…

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6 Items Prone to Claims Leakage You Should Watch Out For

After receiving a policyholder’s estimate, thousands of adjusters turned to StrikeCheck’s objective service last year for our assessment of what it would take to return electronics to pre-loss condition. StrikeCheck…

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