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Wednesday 12/14 @ 02:00 PM EST

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HVACi’s Decoding HVAC Claims – Actual vs. Reported Cause of Loss Webinar

Dec. 14, 2022 – 2 PM ET HVAC systems have complicated components that are susceptible to damages from many perils. A policyholder who isn’t familiar with this equipment may mistake…

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Split Systems Video

There are several different types of HVAC systems, and, as an insurance adjuster, you need to be prepared for whatever kind of claim comes across your desk. The most common…

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Furnace Claim Overview Video

In the fall and winter months, claims involving furnace damage are common. Whether the furnace itself has caused property damage from a puffback, or a frozen pipe has burst and…

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Boiler Claim Overview Video

Claims involving boiler damage can be particularly tricky. Each system has a different configuration, and both repairs and replacements can be costly. Additionally, boilers often heat both the home and…

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HVAC Lightning and Surge Claims Webinar Recording

Every year, about 25 million bolts of lightning touch ground (National Severe Storms Laboratory)– or hit homes, cars, trees, or other objects — which resulted in over 77,000 claims in…

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HVAC Codes and Regulations Webinar Recording

Dealing with building codes and federal regulations on property claims can make an adjuster’s job even more difficult, particularly when it involves HVAC equipment. With so many different code levels,…

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HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar Recording

If the weather outside is frightful — or maybe just a bit chilly — it’s time for many to flip their HVAC systems from cooling to heating, and with that…

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HVAC Fundamentals Webinar Recording

There are thousands upon thousands of HVAC claims filed every year. Odds are that you, as an insurance adjuster, are going to see at least one, if not many. You…

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Hail and Wind HVAC Claims Webinar Recording

Impact damage to HVAC systems can come from a number of sources, but two very common perils are hail and wind damage. Because these damages are so prevalent, you want…

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HVAC Fall and Winter Claim Handling Webinar Recording

We’re coming into the cooler seasons, when the boiler, furnace, and other heating system claims start rolling in, as these complex devices can fail for a number of reasons. You’re…

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Gas Furnace Video

Turn Up The Heat: How a Gas Furnace Works As an adjuster, insurance is your area of expertise. If you’re not also an expert on the inner workings of gas…

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Heat Pump Video

Getting Warmer: An Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps You get plenty of HVAC claims coming across your desk as an insurance adjuster, but not all HVAC systems are the…

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HVAC Regulations Overview

HVAC Regulations Overview: DOE and EPA DOE and EPA regulations can present a challenge to settling HVAC claims. When tackling these types of claims, you want to know exactly what…

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