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Top 5 Characteristics of A Great Subject Matter Expert for Electronics Claims

Subject matter experts should know so much about a topic that people look to them as the go-to authority on it. You may be a subject matter expert on claims…

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6 Questions to Ask Before Settling Electronics Claims: A Practical Guide to Accurate Settlements

Claims with electronics and other electrically powered items can be difficult to settle because such a variety of items falls into that category – from appliances to office equipment, generators…

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5 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Adjusters

The beginning of a new year offers promise of a fresh start and the opportunity to make positive changes in your work and personal life. There’s usually that one about…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Settling Electronics Claims

Consider the answers to the following critical questions before settling electronics claims. They could impact if the claimed damage is for a covered loss and the accuracy of the settlement.

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7 Critical Qualities of an Assessment Vendor

Adjusters need an assessment vendor that will strengthen the claim settlement process and not be the weak link.

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How Desktop Reviews Support Accurate Claims Settlements

Even claims that seem cut and dry with an obvious cause of loss and scope of damage can increase a carrier’s claims leakage. This has negative impacts for insurance companies…

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3 Ways to Receive Superior Customer Service From Your Claims Vendor

Adjusters often need equipment assessment support before settling claims. Ensure your claims vendor has these 3 characteristics, and see how StrikeCheck delivers them.

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Get Technical Equipment and Claims Questions Answered With “Q&A With Jay”

If you’ve attended a StrikeCheck or HVACi webinar over the last few years, you’ve probably heard our Technical Education Manager Jay Dykstra unpack complex topics such as solar panels, lightning…

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Smart Adjusters Use These Tricks to Make Their Policyholders Happy

Filing an insurance claim may be stressful for the policyholder, particularly because it means that person has already had a frustrating incident take place. The claims process is a make…

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Claims Leakage Reduction Strategy: Susceptible Electronics to Watch Out For

Carriers are continually strategizing how to fight back against the growing difference between what they spent and what they should have spent on a claim. Claims leakage cost carriers more…

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Customer Service Guide

Why is great customer service so important for policyholders during the claims process? Compare positive service and negative service to make sure your carrier – and your claims support –…

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Scary Story: Wire on Fire

Claims about house fires aren’t necessarily rare. But what about claims related to garage fires that lead to power outages in several rooms inside a home? If it sounds strange…

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