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HVAC Lightning and Surge Claims Webinar Recording

Every year, about 25 million bolts of lightning touch ground (National Severe Storms Laboratory)– or hit homes, cars, trees, or other objects — which resulted in over 77,000 claims in…

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HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar Recording

If the weather outside is frightful — or maybe just a bit chilly — it’s time for many to flip their HVAC systems from cooling to heating, and with that…

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Hail and Wind HVAC Claims Webinar Recording

Impact damage to HVAC systems can come from a number of sources, but two very common perils are hail and wind damage. Because these damages are so prevalent, you want…

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Voltage Irregularities Could Strike Out Lightning Claims

All too often claims cross your desk stating electrical equipment was struck by lightning. In fact, according to the StrikeCheck 2020 Annual Claims report, lightning was the most frequently claimed…

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Why the Increase in Heat Waves Could Affect Claims

Heat waves have been causing sweltering temperatures globally, including in major cities in the United States. This extreme weather could initiate perils that impact residential and commercial policyholders’ electrically powered…

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Slideshow: 5 Claims with Wind-Damaged Equipment That Could Still Be Repaired

5 Claims With Wind-Damaged Electrically Powered Items That Could Be Repaired Policyholders claim wind as the cause of loss most often in October and November, particularly in the wake of…

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