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HVAC Fall and Winter Claim Handling Webinar

Wednesday, Nov 6th at 2:00 PM ET We’re coming into the cooler seasons, when the boiler, furnace, and other heating system claims start rolling in, as these complex devices can…

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Water Damage to Electronics

14,000 homeowners face losses from water damage every day. At that rate, an insurance adjuster is likely to find themselves handling a water damage claim. If you’re one such adjuster,…

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Whole Home Surge/Lightning

The most commonly claimed perils affecting residential electronics are lightning and high voltage surge. Considering that 16% of the claimed items evaluated by our technicians in 2018 were found to…

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Preventing Excessive Damage from Water Heater Losses

When an insured comes to you with a water heater claim, the damage isn’t always limited to the water heater itself. Floors, ceilings, walls, and personal property are all at…

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Power Surge Claims – What All Adjusters Should Know

Power surges – as consumers we all know that it is crucial to protect your computer and entertainment systems from power surges, but how much do you know about what…

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The Additional Damages You May See in Failed Water Heater Claims

When a water heater fails, the cost of restoring the insured to pre-loss condition varies wildly. Repairs could cost as little as $50 or a replacement could cost over $1000.…

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An Adjuster’s Guide to High Voltage Surge Claims

High voltage surge is one of the most common perils to electrically powered equipment. Today, homes and businesses contain many thousands of dollars worth of electronics that can easily be…

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Lightning and Surge Claims Webinar Recording

Every year, about 25 million bolts of lightning touch ground (National Severe Storms Laboratory)– or hit homes, cars, trees, or other objects — which resulted in over 77,000 claims in…

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Hurricane Claims Kit

As we've all noticed, the frequency and intensity of hurricanes has been steadily rising in recent years (Popular Science). This combined with the increased population along the U.S. coastline has…

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HVAC Winter Concepts Webinar Recording

If the weather outside is frightful — or maybe just a bit chilly — it’s time for many to flip their HVAC systems from cooling to heating, and with that…

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Surge and Lightning Damage to Electronics

Surge and lightning damage to electronics is a frequent occurrence, particularly in the summer months. A recent analysis of 2016 homeowner’s insurance claims by Insurance Information Institute revealed that over $825 million…

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Hail and Wind HVAC Claims Webinar Recording

Impact damage to HVAC systems can come from a number of sources, but two very common perils are hail and wind damage. Because these damages are so prevalent, you want…

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4 Things to Know About Power Surge Damage From Hurricane Force Winds

The following article on “4 things to know about power surge damage from hurricane-force winds”, written by Reza Nikrooz of StrikeCheck, was originally published on Property Casualty 360. Hurricane-force winds can cause significant…

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Water Damage to Electrically Powered Items

Water damage can occur year round from a variety sources, and is therefore one of the most frequently claimed property insurance perils. Regardless of the source, 1 in 50 homes…

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Electrical Systems Claims Kit for Insurance Adjusters

Evaluating claims for electrical systems can be incredibly complex, especially if you aren’t an electrician or an electrical engineer. As an insurance adjuster, you still want to handle these claims…

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High Voltage Surge Guide

When a high voltage surge occurs, it can lead to the failure of just about any electrical device or system plugged into the affected area, including appliances and entertainment systems,…

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