Refrigerator Claim Guide

Essential for modern food storage, refrigerators are the most commonly owned appliance in U.S. homes. As such, you’re likely to see them in claims at some point -- in fact,…

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Washer and Dryer Overview

When you deal with homeowners insurance claims, you’re pretty likely to handle claims that include washer and dryer damage. In fact, washers and dryers made up 36% of the large…

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Get Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Guide

Settle your commercial kitchen appliance claims quickly and accurately with the aid of our guide. We’ll walk you through the most frequently claimed commercial kitchen appliances, including refrigeration equipment; cooktops,…

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Residential Kitchen Appliances Claims Guide

Coffee makers, microwaves, stovetops, refrigerators – each of these items your policyholders use to cook a meal at home could wind up in your claims. Settle them more quickly by…

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Handling Dishwasher Claims Accurately

While we haven’t made it to the high-tech dishwasher age of The Jetsons, dishwashers are still a common appliance likely to show up in a property claim. Dishwashers are considered more…

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Leading Causes of Refrigerator Damage

Hardworking refrigerators are often taken for granted. They run constantly and are arguably the home’s most important appliance. Often, we don’t think about what causes refrigerator damage until it’s too…

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Washer and Dryer Claims 101

Washer and dryer damage claims are often difficult due to their complexity of operation and the myriad of components that they contain. According to the US Census Bureau, over 85% of…

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Dishwasher Claim Guide

Dishwashers are an incredible time-saving device (saving each household perhaps hundreds of hours a year according to EnergyStar). So when an insured comes to you saying their dishwasher is broken…

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Ovens and Ranges Overview

What to Consider When Handling Claims for Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops Ovens, ranges, and cooktops can be very expensive to replace, and a lot of times, when claims come up…

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